2023 Holiday Gift Guide Day 3: Arts, Crafts, Music & More

        The 2023 holiday gift guide continues, and today we’re not going to focus on books, but on other gifts and crafts you can read about as anything a creative person can do: music, art, knitting, jewelry, craft food, wait. These can be wonderful and unique gifts for that special person in your life that you can’t buy at the mall. Hope you see something interesting here.
        Please note that today’s comment thread is only for contributors who can post about gifts for sale; please don’t post any other comments as they will be cut so as not to clutter up the thread. Thank you!
        1. Only creators (of things other than books). This is an intentionally broad category, so if you’re making something that the public can try or buy, you can write about it in this post. The exceptions are books (including comics and graphic novels) that have two pre-existing branches, one for traditionally published works and one for non-traditionally published works (note: if you are a writer and also create other content, you can promote something different today ). If you are not the creator of the content you wish to promote, please do not post.
        2. Only works created and completed by individuals. This post is dedicated to artists and creators who create their own unique works. Items that can be mass-produced, such as CDs, buttons or T-shirts, are acceptable provided the content is your own creation. But please don’t use this thread for something other people have created and you’re selling. Likewise, don’t post work in progress, even if you’re posting it publicly elsewhere. Remember that this is supposed to be a gift guide and these things are meant to be given to other people. Also, don’t just sell yourself if you don’t have something to sell or offer something that someone else can donate.
        3. One article per author. In this post, you can list any creations you like, but let me suggest that you focus on your most recent creations. Also note that most Whatever readers are based in the US/Canada, so I recommend focusing on the North American offering. If you are located elsewhere and your work is available, please indicate this.
        4. Keep your job description short (I think there will be a lot of posts) and interesting. Imagine that this person is right in front of you when you present your work to them, interested but easily distracted.
        5. Optionally, you can add a link to the sales site using the standard HTML link script. Please note that if you provide too many links (usually three or more), your post may be sent to the moderation queue. If this happens, don’t panic: I’ll be posting moderated posts throughout the day. Please note that messages sometimes end up in the moderation queue semi-randomly, don’t panic about this.
       6. As mentioned above, comment posts that do not belong to creators promoting their work as described above will be removed to make comment threads useful for people who are looking for interesting work.
        Thank you John for giving me the opportunity. I have a laser that I use to make astrolabes, watches, airplane models, earrings and other pieces of art. I also make buttons/magnets, mugs and shirts; mostly my illustrations of airplanes, with some astrological and mid-century modern themes. All this you can find in my Etsy shop:
        Revel With A Cause Designs creates handmade jewelry where all pieces are expertly crafted to be one of a kind. From Gothic to Geek Chic, we offer the right kits in a variety of themes to suit every taste and interest. All items come in matching handmade bags so you don’t even have to wrap them.
       All items are currently 15% off and you can find us at
        Thank you very much, John, for giving me the opportunity! Anyone with an interest in genealogy and the family tree may enjoy the fun and unique genealogy mugs, stickers, t-shirts and more in my new Geneadello online store. I am a retired writer, illustrator and genealogy librarian, designing for fun. You’ll also find something interesting for the long-suffering friends and family of genealogy enthusiasts. Something for everyone! Thank you!
        I just opened an Etsy shop selling blown glass that I make myself. I love seeing how light interacts with glass, so for my first set list I created a series of clear glass decorations with different textures. Free domestic shipping on first 25 orders with promo code FIRST25.
        Unfortunately, I forgot the address of my Geneadello store! Sorry John! Here it is:
       Eclectic Clay is the studio of Nina Calincos of Syracuse who is the expert in her hometown of Clay Hero™ and all things cute and shiny™.
        Nina specializes in custom sculpting everything from beloved pets to wedding cake decorations and TTRPG characters! Festive shipping fees are no longer guaranteed – we’re working on portal delivery technology – but if you like unusual creatures including Australian owls, bears and hummingbird gryphons, you’ll love visiting!
       Hello my fellow Scalzi fans :-) First of all a big thank you to John for giving us the opportunity to promote our work here!
        My name is Chris and I am a designer, craftsman and craftsman from Berlin, Germany. I was originally a guitar player (just maybe not gifted and/or persistent enough to do it), so one of the main things I developed (besides the guitar) was a naturally ergonomic guitar pick (or, in European terms, a guitar pick). ). Made from natural materials, these picks are ideal for any level of guitar or mandolin playing, from beginners to professional guitarists. In addition to not being made of plastic (an argument in itself), they offer a number of unique advantages over traditional flat picks.
       I also make cute little cases in all shapes, materials, and colors because we guitarists love to keep our favorite picks handy…just in case.
        All my products are designed and handcrafted in my small studio from natural, biodegradable materials. I ship worldwide.
        Since I do everything myself, at this time of the year I am always busy updating my online store with the latest products, but this needs to be done within a few days. If you have questions or want advice on how to find the right guitarist for your life feel free to email me, I always love helping out and meeting my clients.
        I am a photographer from Newcastle, Australia. I love helping people learn about our beautiful world and I sell photo prints and calendars through my Etsy shop.
        My photo calendar for 2023 is now available with 12 photos from this region. I print and bind the calendars myself and use Ilford paper for a premium finish.
        They are currently in my shop for 20% off along with my prints. Happy to ship anywhere in the world.
        Looking for something a little different? We make handcrafted decorations and home furnishings and decorate them with 12,000 volts of electricity to create a unique fractal (Lichtenberg diagram). All of our products are made by the piece and are made by hand.
        Thank you for this opportunity! I am a full-time librarian and after spending all day at the computer, I have an obsessive need to do things manually at home.
        First, hand embroidery is sometimes sweet, sometimes sour, and sometimes associated with fans. Secondly, colorful flirtatious decorations that are best described as fairy tale hardcore, country hardcore, or Hello Kitty hardcore. Thirdly, Perler beaded pixel art. It has to do with fans, especially Pokémon.
        Prices range from $5 to $50, with most items around $20. I don’t have a website but I sell via Instagram DM you can find me there @storycraftopia
        Hello! Handmade jewelry: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets, ear clips, hair clips and rings. The design includes pride, geek theme, ttprg, witch, goth and spooky cute. Just started 3D printing and I have some items like dice towers. Commission/custom orders are also accepted.
        I am black, queer, disabled and geek so my designs reflect my interests. Check them out here:
        My jewelry includes natural gemstones, pearls, precious and semi-precious stones, art glass. All products are handmade and unique. Click here to view the gallery:
        If you are looking for beautiful greeting cards that are more original than anything in the store, check out my handmade poetry cards. All monographic collages and literary fragments are suitable for decoration. The inside of the card is blank, and even cards on black paper have an off-white inside that can be written on with a normal pen. Most of them contain lines from my own poetry, but there are also designs inspired by other literature. Click here to view the gallery:
       I’ve been a carpenter for over a decade and have recently started to more actively manage my abandoned Etsy shop, A Turn of Beauty.
        New this year are hardwood rolling pins, both with separate rotating handles and French pastry-style rolling pins. In addition, I have a couple of dragon-themed ballpoint pens, as well as other pens, a Christmas set, a letter opener, a screwdriver, plates, bowls, and ice cream scoops.
       Everything in my store comes with free shipping and for my Whatever readers use coupon code Whatever2022 to get 10% off.
        Hello Scalzi fans! I’m selling a landscape photography calendar focusing on underrated Idaho this year. If you have an Idaho connection or just want to enjoy a landscape calendar filled with sights you’ve almost certainly not seen before, take a look!
        Hello! I use polymer clay and engraving techniques to create unique reusable magazines featuring mostly (but not only) animals, insects and nature! If you’d like to browse my store, I also make handmade beads, buttons and jewelry for pride! Thank you!
        The thinking zone is me. I create a wide variety of art objects: watercolors, alcohol inks and 2D encaustics, as well as 3D pottery and wire sculptures. If you’re a geek or like to recycle, check out my Tech Rise series “Little Wire Trees on PCBs”. If you knit, I make bowls out of yarn, including bowls out of animal yarn. Science fiction lover? Look at the encaustics, they look like JWT images. I have low prices, I work to order. Find “Cogitation Zone” or visit
        Hello! I love breaking glass and making beautiful works of art inspired by nature. I make glass mosaic and stained glass style mosaic art that you can hang in your windows to make your signage shine. I also work on commission and specialize in fireplace mosaics. Visit
        Thanks, John! I make handmade boxes and books. All materials are archival and many feature decorative features such as marbled paper from Minnesota Book Artists. I also make book decorations which make great gifts!
        I am a professional web and graphic designer and have had several independent science fiction covers in my freelance career. My non-professional site is in need of a major overhaul, so I won’t be linking to it.
       I am a collector with a focus on handmade jewelry, as well as t-shirt design, sewing, and anything that interests and/or entertains me. My ever-changing selection of cat, science, and geek-themed products can be found at .
        Buy Blue Aster Photography for vibrant urban abstractions and nature macro photography. Fill some fresh air with vibrant colors, abstract tree bark and cityscapes in this wine jug.
        Thank you John for the opportunity to share with you the whimsical and humorous t-shirts and other merchandise I have designed for many clients and events. I mainly work on: healthcare providers, cancer patients, writing, the occult, museum artifacts, Northeast Ohio, but some of it is just for fun. Hopefully there is a design that you can wear proudly or give as a gift, or at least put a smile on your face. While I’m working on setting up my store, here’s a page with links to all the places where my models are sold:
        I make handmade jewelry in small batches. Styles range from steampunk and industrial to resin pendants, pride jewelry and beaded jewelry. Mostly necklaces and earrings, as well as a small number of bracelets, pendants and various accessories.
        Use code Holidays25 at checkout (or click here: to get 25% off everything except Halloween items until Monday, December 12th. Get 50% off Halloween items while supplies last, so grab them while they’re hot!
        Thank you masters for your support! I am a jewelry designer and silversmith, creating limited editions and OOAK wearable art. My jewelry has been exhibited at international exhibitions and used in numerous fashion reviews. Visit my Instagram @slatejewelry for links to my website and my own gift guide.
        Ideas flourished in my head like opportunities for adventure on the open road. It is impossible to open all the roads at once, so I take notes and draw maps for future research. I’m always sketching on pink stickers, and new ideas are born in my head. Exploration and puzzle solving are part of my process as I achieve my design goals.
        My jewelry is handmade and forged. The pieces are made up of hollow pods that are folded into shape, hinged, welded, and joined in a variety of configurations. I honed the metal and shaped it to create a light and handy device. I use 18K and 22K gold, oxidized silver, stainless steel wire and unusual gemstones with rough, cut and smooth surfaces. Hinges, fastenings and clasps are made by hand. Several phases of construction required extensive sawing, grinding, filing and welding operations. I tend to work in stages to use my own plan to guide my vision.

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